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Uniwersytet Technologiczno-Przyrodniczy w Bydgoszczy


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The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture of the University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz is an inheritor of the scientific, research and educational activity of the Faculty of Land Engineering established in 1967 at the Higher Engineering School. Since its inception, the Faculty has continuously conducted its work, with numerous notable achievements in the field of teaching, research and organisation activity, educating a large number of specialists in civil and environmental engineering and architecture for the national economy and the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship in particular.

Currently, the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture conducts educational and scientific activity in the following fields: civil engineering, environmental engineering, urban design, interior design and, since this year, geodesy and cartography.

On the 29th March 1999 the Faculty has been granted the right to confer the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences in the field of civil engineering. From that day onwards over 30 doctoral theses have been accepted, about 20 of which have been successfully finalised and the remaining ones are being developed. On the 28th March 2011 the Central Commission for Degrees and Titles decided to vest the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture with the power to confer postdoctoral degrees of Technical Sciences in the field of civil engineering . Recently, first postdoctoral theses have been accepted at the Faculty. In 2011 the Faculty conferred a doctor honoris causa degree to Prof. Jerzy Ziółko, DSc. Eng. 

The Faculty is also constantly developing its cooperation with industry and national and foreign leading scientific centres.

This activity is conducted in two directions: theoretical and practical, taking into account the needs of the voivodeship and companies. The members of the Faculty conduct a vast array of research and scientific work, starting from doctoral and postdoctoral theses, basic and applied research and development projects and ending up with expert commercial research works. They also take part in the work of scientific bodies of the Polish Academy of Science, scientific boards of professional associations, engineering organisations, expert panels, etc. The current, constantly enhanced laboratory base is allows for a conduct of wide-ranged research and scientific activity. During the previous years the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture has acquired 7 million zloty worth of latest research equipment. The faculty also employs well-trained scientific and technical staff suitable for the conduct of relevant research and presentation of resulting conclusions along with their practical application. The Faculty scientific staff include more than a dozen of professors, 25 holders of postdoctoral degrees and 51 doctors of technical sciences, such as civil engineering, environmental engineering, architecture and urban design . The scientific staff are complemented by representatives of fine arts who mainly conduct classes on the major of interior design. All Faculty members continuously conduct scientific research relating to their relevant fields and financed from various sources. The works pertain to such innovative disciplines as cutting-edge energy-saving construction materials or environmental engineering devices dedicated to obtaining renewable energy.

The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture is determined to further conduct activities for the benefit of professional development of its members through the increase in the dynamics of scientific research and intensification of cooperation with industry.


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